Kindred is born of our heartfelt desire to uncover beauty wherever we may find it and bring more of it into the world. Every detail of every piece is lovingly considered and planned, which means you get to see and feel everything we put into our work. When you wear one of our pieces, our wish is that the love and joy we put into making and designing it is something you can truly feel.

Welcome to The Beautiful Journey.



We create our jewellery using nothing but the best materials. We source ethically produced reindeer leather and antler buttons from Scandinavia, which supports local industry and traditions dating back hundreds of years. To embellish
our work, we use freshwater pearls, semiprecious stones and Swarovski crystals. Finally, gold and silver pewter wire are used, in a technique that goes back centuries.

It’s our way of sharing what we’ve discovered with you so that you can be proud of not only how your jewellery looks, but also where it comes from.